Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Week 4 - 266lbs

Well here we are in Week 4 and we finally have some movement on the scale. This was another good week from a eating within my calorie range, there were days with wings and beer but in moderation. The other key factor was getting some gym time in and feeling better in a general sense. You know they say it takes 2 weeks of doing something consistently to make it a habit and right now I’m feeling in the habit of eating the correct portions. There might be a big meal at lunch with a juicy cheeseburger but I didn’t eat ll the fries and then followed up with a controlled dinner.

I know I said this week I would go into a bit of my workout program but again work is just a bit nutty so I will just have to leave you with exercise helps you feel like your making progress. We all dread doing it and its not an excuse to go out and have 10 beers or that chocolate cake you wanted, exercise is needed to keep your body functioning and goes way beyond trying to shed a few pounds. If your trying to lose weight, watching what you eat is 80% of any weight loss strategy and exercise 20%. You can reduce weight by only watching how many calories you eat but you can’t reduce weight by only exercising……food for thought!

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